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Policy for the protection of visitors / users of the website from the processing of their personal data.

The website belongs to the company “Olympic Hotels Inc.” (hereinafter also: “the Royal Olympic Hotel”), which is seated in Athens, 28 – 34 Athanasiou Diakou Street, 11743, tel. 2109288400, Tax Identification Number [094075962], Tax Office [for the Taxation of S.A. Companies (FAE) of Athens].

The Royal Olympic Hotel undertakes to protect the visitors / users of the website, their personal data and to observe the relative provisions of the union legislation, inter alia, of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU/2016/679), and of the national legislation, such as the law 2472/1997 “on the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data”, as this is in force from time to time, as well as the directives of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. For this reason, information regarding the visitors’ / users’ personal data is not collected through this website, unless they provide the information voluntarily themselves.


In any case, the provision of data that constitute personal data is not required for the simple surfing of


When the visitor / user visits this website or obtains information through this, the visitor / user acknowledges that the visitor / user has read, understood and accepted unreservedly the arrangements that are determined by the present protection policy in the website of the Royal Olympic Hotel (hereinafter also: “Policy”). The visitor / user also accepts the special rules or terms of use, which have been recorded in specific sections of the website. Therefore, the visitor / user is kindly requested to check the website’s content for any eventual changes. In the event that the visitor / user disagrees, the visitor / user is obliged not to use the website and its content.

The Royal Olympic Hotel reserves the right to amend, whenever required, or to periodically review the website’s content and its terms of use, at any time without prior notification, only by posting on this, where the amendment or review date shall be indicated; in such case the reviewed Policy shall apply from that date. The changes in the Policy do not affect the data that have been entered based on an earlier version of this.

The following information shall help the visitor / user to better understand what kind of data are collected by our website and how we handle the information, after we collect it. The Policy shall inform the visitor / user on whether we disclose this information to others and what options you have with respect to the manner in which we use this information.

It should be noted that the present Policy is only applied to the website and not to the websites of other bodies with which we may be eventually associated or which may be associated with us. Moreover, the present Policy regards the online contacts between you and the Royal Olympic Hotel.


Α. Personal data and manner of processing

The protection of this website’s users from the processing of personal data is governed by the terms of use of the present protection policy, as well as by the provisions of the applicable legislation.

In the contact form available, the visitor / user may send a request / message to the Royal Olympic by mandatorily filling in the visitor’s / user’s email and optionally the visitor’s / user’s full name and telephone.


B. Processing purposes and duration of the personal data keeping

The Royal Olympic Hotel keeps the above data exclusively for the purpose of the requesting from the website’s users. The Royal Olympic Hotel safeguards the visitors’ personal data and it does not transmit them for any reason, unless this is provided for by the law. However, there is a possibility that we share some of this personal data with the administrators of our data bases / technical support companies with the unique purpose for them to assist us in duly providing our services to the visitors / users. These third parties do not share this personal data and they do not use the personal data for any other purpose except for everything dictated by our instructions.

When the visitors / users provide us with personal data, we take measures in order to ensure that the management of this data is secure. More specifically, we apply specific procedures of technical and organizational security, in order to protect the rights of the visitors / users with respect to the processing of their personal data.

However, we shall in no case transmit personal data to other individuals or legal persons, unless we are obliged to disclose them to governmental or private bodies due to their relationship by legal prosecution, court summons, investigation or similar proceedings (see also below under F, Third party cookies).

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for any data transfer via the Internet that it is 100% secure. This means that, despite the fact that we try to protect the visitors / users from the illegal processing of their personal data, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of the data that they transfer to us and they do so at their own risk.

The Royal Olympic Hotel keeps the above data exclusively for the time period that is absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it collects and processes them or that is provided for by the law.

If the purpose of the collection and the processing is fulfilled or if the visitors / users request that we no longer communicate with them, their personal data, which are absolutely necessary for reasons imposed by the law, shall be maintained in a special record in order for us not to disturb them again.


C. Rights of the personal data subjects

The visitors / users in their capacity as subjects of the personal data have the following rights:

a) A right of access / notification: following the visitor’s / user’s request to the Royal Olympic Hotel, the visitor / user has the right to know and to verify the legality of the processing. More precisely, the visitor / use may request and receive by the Royal Olympic Hotel the following information: a) all the personal data regarding the visitor / user, as well as their origin, b) the purposes of their processing, c) the development of the processing for the time period since the visitor’s / user’s previous update or information and d) the logic of the automated processing.

b) A right of correction: following the visitor’s / user’s request to the Royal Olympic Hotel, the visitor / user has the right to request the correction, updating or modification for any eventually inaccurate or uncompleted personal data regarding the visitor / user.

c) A right to receive a copy: upon the visitor’s / user’s request the Royal Olympic Hotel provides to the visitor / user an electronic or other copy of the personal data that it keeps for the visitor / user.

d) A right of revocation of the consent: by a statement the visitor / user may revoke the visitor’s / user’s consent for the processing of the visitor’s / user’s personal data in the future by deactivating it at any given time by a simple visit at the relative service of and by filling in the contact form. Such a statement does not affect the already conducted processing. Following the deactivation of the registration all their data kept in the archive shall be automatically deleted.

e) A right of deletion (right to be forgotten): upon a request of the visitor / user the Royal Olympic Hotel is obliged to definitively delete the personal data regarding such visitor / user. However, in the event that personal data are necessary for the fulfillment on the part of the Royal Olympic Hotel of its obligations imposed by the law, these shall only be deleted after the determined by the law period for maintaining these.

f) A right to portability: upon a request of the visitor / user the Royal Olympic Hotel transfers the personal data of such visitor / user in order for a third party to process them and subsequently it definitively deletes them from its files.

g) A right to raise objections against the data processing: the visitor / user may raise objections against the processing of such visitor’s / user’s personal data in the future, provided that legal reasons for their further processing do not concur.

h) A right to complain to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority: the visitor / user has the right to file a complaint to this authority (, telephone: +302106475600, fax: +302106475628, e-mail:

In order to exercise all these rights, the visitor / user may send an email at the

The request, by which the visitor / user exercises the visitor’s / user’s afore-mentioned rights, must be satisfied by the Royal Olympic Hotel within fifteen (15) days from its sending.


D. Cookies – Non-personal data

Except from the above personal data, when a visitor / user visits the website, the data necessary for sending its content to the user are collected

Specifically, every time that a visitor / user visits the, the browser sends to the network hub processor automatically an IP (Internet Protocol) address, as well as certain other information (including also the reading program that the visitor / user is using).

Moreover, the online traffic and the manner of use of the website is recorded and is analyzed for reasons of improvement of the provided services with the assistance of sessions that operate transparently and that do not store any information in the visitor’s / user’s system.

Finally, in the the ‘cookies’ technology is being used, like also in the most sites on the internet. However, no personal information of a visitor / user is collected, nor is the possibility of communication with the visitor / user also provided to the Royal Olympic Hotel (unless the visitor / user voluntarily provides the visitor’s / user’s data according to the above), nor is any information extracted from the computers of the visitors / users. The cookies are small text files, which are transferred from a website to the hard disk or the browser of the visitor / user of the website for additional functionality or for the monitoring of the website’s use. The Royal Olympic Hotel uses cookies with limited capabilities. The cookies that we use do not collect nor do they store personal data of yours or data with respect to the manner that you used the website in the past.

The cookies that we use are the following:

Session Cookies: The Session Cookies last only for the duration of your visit and they are deleted when you close your browser. These facilitate the various works, like to allow to a website to recognize that a user of a specific device is surfing from page to page, by supporting the website’s security or the basic functions.

Persistent Cookies: The Persistent Cookies last also after you close your browser and permit to a website to “remember” your actions and preferences. Sometimes the Persistent Cookies are being used by websites for the provision of targeted advertising on the basis of the device’s browsing history and for the analysis of the visits at our website. These cookies help us understand how the users reach and use our website, in order to improve our services.

Essential Cookies: The Essential Cookies allow you to surf the website and to use its features. These cookies do not collect information with respect to you for marketing purposes.

Performance cookies: These cookies collect information with respect to how the visitors use a website, like for example which pages the visitors are visiting more frequently and if they receive error messages by web pages. All the information collected by these cookies is only used for the improvement of a website’s function, of the user’s experience and of our advertising’s optimization.

Functionality cookies: These cookies allow the website to “remember” the selections that you make. The information collected by these cookies is anonymous (to wit they do not contain the name, the address etc.) and they monitor the browsing activity in other websites.

Third party cookies: Take into consideration that third parties (including, for instance, advertising networks, social media networks and providers of external services, such as web traffic analysis services) may also use cookies, on which we have no control. These cookies are likely to be analysis / performance cookies or targeting cookies. We recommend that you check the relative privacy policies of these providers (e.g. Google) for information with respect to any eventual cookies that may be used.

We use the information that we receive from the cookies only for “blind” (non-personalized) statistical analysis and in order to adjust our manner of communication with the public. You can configure your browser so that it accepts all the cookies, rejects all the cookies or notifies you when a cookie is created. Our system shall issue cookies, unless you have adjusted the setting of your browser so that it rejects the cookies from our website. Most browsers shall notify you on how to stop the acceptance of new cookies, the manner of notification when you receive a new cookie and the manner to deactivate the existing cookies. You can learn how to do this for the specific browser by clicking on “help” on the browser’s menu or visit the web pages, Please note, however, that without the cookies you might not be able to fully benefit from all our website’s functions.


E. Access to personal data

The Royal Olympic Hotel allows the access to personal data of the subjects only to its properly informed and trained, with respect to the Regulation and the other afore-mentioned legislation, personnel. The access is permitted to the extent that it is necessary for the realization of the processing purposes that are mentioned above and to the personnel that is competent for the data processing.

Also, authorized partners of the Royal Olympic Hotel can obtain access, such as companies of technical support and service providers with the unique purpose to assist the Royal Olympic Hotel in the provision of the services that you requested from it, as they are mentioned in detail in the web page.

The Royal Olympic Hotel guarantees that it shall not disclose personal data to other unauthorized natural or legal persons, unless it is obliged to do so, if it is provided for by the law, by a court judgment or by an administrative act.


F. Transmission / acceptance of personal data

The Royal Olympic Hotel does not transmit to third parties internet providers the personal data of visitors / users; however it is possible that it accepts the transmission of such data by these providers, to which the visitors / users have voluntarily transmitted their personal data, in order to proceed to a booking of hotel services or catering services. The Royal Olympic Hotel cannot assume any liability for the processing of these personal data, to which the third parties providers proceed.


G. Links to other websites / social media

The Royal Olympic Hotel can provide links to third parties’ websites or include links from other websites. This also happens when a visitor / user decides to make a booking through the link BOOK NOW, when the visitor / user automatically proceeds to a third party’s website, the service provider of the online bookings (, which is operating independently from the website of the Royal Olympic.

Moreover, other websites can provide links to the website of the Royal Olympic Hotel. All these websites function according to their own terms of use, which we recommend to the visitor / user to check. The Royal Olympic Hotel has no right of control of the third parties’ websites; therefore, when a visitor / user uses such a website, the visitor / user acknowledges and agrees that the Royal Olympic Hotel is not liable for the availability of this category’s websites and that it does not adopt nor is it responsible or accountable for the content, advertising, products or other materials that exist in or are provided by these websites. Furthermore, the visitor / user acknowledges and agrees that the Royal Olympic Hotel is not liable or accountable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss, which is due to or is allegedly due to or is connected with the use or the support on the content, advertising, products or other materials that exist in or are provided by these websites.

The Royal Olympic Hotel possesses social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). The operation of its pages there is governed by the relative privacy policies, which are applied by the administrators of these web pages and on which the Royal Olympic Hotel has no right of control. In these cases, the present Policy is not applied.


H. Protection measures

PCI Compliance, SSL Certificates


I. Communication

If a visitor / user has questions with respect to the present Policy, the visitor’s / user’s personal data or the practices of the present website, the visitor / user can send an email at the address .


J. Other terms and conditions of use

The use of this website is permitted according to the following terms and conditions:

1. The visitor / user agrees that the visitor / user shall use the present website only for legal purposes and in a manner that shall not infringe the rights, nor shall it restrict or prohibit the use and the enjoyment of the website by any third party. Messages that present one or more of the following characteristics are absolutely prohibited:

• Illegal, damaging or prejudicial content, such as defamatory, insulting, violent, obscene, pornographic content or that violates the personality and the personal data of third parties.

• Content that causes damage to minors.

• Content contrary to the principles of morality or the public order.

• Content that constitutes spam (non-requested commercial communication – advertising).

• Direct or indirect commercial ads and in general promotional actions of persons, products or services.

• Offensive or derogatory references to natural or legal persons or to protected distinctive features (trade marks, corporate names, distinctive titles of corporations etc.), the interception or in general invasion of privacy of third parties (such as the publication, the collection or / and the storage of personal data of other users), the imitation of any legal or natural person or the false statement for the identity of the user.

• Publication or reference of links to illegal software or to methods of software protection neutralization, as well as of any other content (images, music tracks etc.) of a material that infringes copyrights, as well as of links “peer to peer”.

• Content or files that contain harmful material (viruses, etc.).

• References or links to other web pages with illegal or harmful content.

2. The content and the services of the website, the imagers, the graphics, the photographs, the eventual plans, the texts and in general all the files of the website are protected pursuant to the relative provisions of the national law, of the union law and of the international contracts. None of these can constitute wholly or partly an object of sale, copy, modification, reproduction, republication nor can it be transmitted or distributed in any manner, except for the case of individual storage of one and only copy of part of the content in one simple personal computer for non-commercial, personal or academic / educational use and in this case only with the indication of their origin from the website, without the relative copyrights being affected in any manner. The names, images, logos and distinctive features that represent the website or third parties and their products or services, are exclusively marks of the website or of third parties, protected by the relative laws with respect to trade marks and copyright. The visitor / user of the website understands and accepts that the right to copy, commercially exploit, sell, resell, reproduce, distribute in any manner and by any means the entire website’s content or part of the website’s content is not provided to the visitor / user. If you need more information with respect to the use of the content, please contact us at the address

3. Any communication or material that is transferred to us via the website or that is transferred to or posted on any public space of the website, including any eventual data, questions, comments, suggestions, ideas or other similar, is and shall be treated as non-confidential and non-exclusive information.

4. The above terms and conditions of the website’s use, as well as any amendment, change or alteration of these shall be governed and supplemented by the law of Greece, the law of the European Union and the relative international conventions. Any provision of the terms, which are contained in the Policy, that is rendered contrary to the above provisions ceases ipso jure to be in force and is removed from the present, without affecting in any case the validity of the other terms.

5.If the present terms and conditions are not fully accepted, the use of the present website must be immediately terminated.

6. The opinions of the users / visitors of the present website do not necessarily constitute opinions of the Royal Olympic Hotel.

The last amendment was realized on  15/2/2018.

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