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Strolling around the Neighbourhood of the Gods

How would you like wandering round the winding streets of Plaka, where all the Gods used to walk and mingle with the Athenians, so as to enjoy the magical surroundings? This most picturesque vicinage has always been an idyllic location for both mortals and Gods since antiquity. If you visit Plaka in spring, you will be overwhelmed by the fragrances of jasmine and primrose. During summer, it is an oasis of cool breeze and shade from the sun and it is the ultimate place for your siesta. Bougainvilleas and almond trees, daisies and ivies complete the perfect scenery and invite you to join them.

The prominent architecture of all the buildings in Plaka is neoclassical and this offers the right touch of romance and nostalgia to the passers-by. Imagine you drink your ouzo with the special delicacies of the Greek cuisine and you overlook the Ancient Agora of Athens. You glance away and you can’t help but feeling ecstatic at the promenade with the shops of souvenirs. Life in Plaka is always fun and intriguing, alluring to everyone and the ideal neighbourhood for taking pictures, painting or getting inspiration for any other artistic expression.
Whether you are looking for a shelter of peace and beauty in the city centre after a day full of exhaustion or you have just finished your shopping spree and you are craving for your afternoon coffee, Plaka is going to fascinate you! In close proximity to Plaka, Royal Olympic Hotel will accommodate your every need and exceed your expectations. City breaks in Athens become inspirational memories of a lifetime and this 5 star hotel is eager to offer you the lavishness that you deserve throughout the year!
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