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Exploring the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens: Colossal Ruins of Past Glory

Every traveller should feel the need to explore the historic monument of Olympian Zeus in the heart of Athens. This is one of the most extravagant displays of magnitude dating back in the days when Athens used to be the centre of the Universe. As its name suggests, the temple has been dedicated to the king of all the Olympian gods, Zeus. Of course, there are a lot of other temples with similar concept that have either been discovered in detail or have been excavated as ruins.
Its construction started with the ruling of the tyrant called Pisistratus, but it was not completed till several hundred years later. Due to various reasons, the construction had been delayed and the enormous temple that would signify the superiority of the ruler of Athens remained half built for centuries. The Athenians did not want to provoke the gods and they thought that this grandiose temple was best left undone. Finally, the imposing philhellene Hadrian completed the masterpiece in about 130 AD.

Out of the 104 Corinthian columns, only 15 remain intact and boast about the supremacy of the temple all over Athens. Even now, as you walk through these columns you feel overwhelmed by respect and awe. The concept of depicting their belief to the gods and the prestige that they longed for in a building is exceptional. Without such beliefs, there would not be remains of the past for us to discover and get in touch with towards recognizing our roots, after all.

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