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Acropolis: The Cradle of Democracy in the Heart of Athens

Democracy has been the cornerstone of societies for thousands of years and its establishment has been the most eloquent proof of justice and freedom in the world. Tourists overwhelm the capital of Greece on an annual basis and their first stop when sightseeing is Acropolis. The noteworthy Athenian society in the Era of Pericles and Socrates used the Acropolis as a beacon of hope and respect. The Parthenon was built in the fifth-century Athens or else during its Golden Age, with the constructions stretching from 447 BC to 438 BC.
Its name highlights its position as the highest mark of the capital and the view from the Acropolis is stunning. Parthenon is dedicated to the goddess Athena and it is one of the most prominent cultural monuments in the whole wide world. In order for the Parthenon to be in perfect harmony with nature, its design lacks any straight lines and there are only curves. In this way, when you walk on the sacred rocks and wander through the marbles and the distinctive architecture, everything is adapted to your eyes. After climbing over the hill and overlooking Parthenon and the Old Temple of Athena, the Temple of Zeus and all the rest monuments of this exceptional Era back in time, you can visit the Acropolis Museum.

This significantly awarded archaeological museum was launched in 2009 and its superb modernity along with the fine exhibits of the Athenian culture have added to its uniqueness and have made it one of the must-see destinations in Athens. You can have a look at the memorable sculptures and many of the remains in the wider area of the city centre, while you can also grab a bite or have a cup of coffee, surrounded by the most spectacular view.

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