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Top traditional recipes and products to try while in Athens

Athens is a destination, gracefully situated among the western and eastern cultural elements. This is better showcased in its traditional epicurean recipes and the mouthwatering food that draws from both sides. Due to its favorable climate, Greece produces an astonishing cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, while the seafood here is abundant. The well-known Mediterranean diet is the basis of Greek culinary tradition upon which many cultures played their part to shape its current philosophy.
Athens streets, especially in its center display an astonishing array of fine restaurants where you can find the best locally sourced ingredients that constitute a meal served to perfection. A treat that you cannot miss out on is pastitsio. The recipe coming from the west, pastitsio features three layers including pasta, ground beef mixed with marinara sauce and bechamel sauce. You can find this culinary masterpiece topped with cheese. Maybe not the most healthy choice but it is sure the most delicious.
Whenever you visit Athens you can try the authentic Greek salad. Tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, cucumber, olive oil and some spices including oregano, represent the fine simplicity of Mediterranean cuisine. For extra flavor ask for bell peppers inside your salad!
Briam is an excellent choice for those that don't like fried food. Various fresh vegetables are marinated with olive oil and then put in a baking tray and roasted. The vegetables usually used are tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and zucchinis. For extra flavor, you can add some feta cheese and oregano.
Olives are Athens flagship. Athena herself gave away an olive tree to the city, beginning the millennial tradition of its cultivation. Coming in many varieties like the wrinkly throubes, olive oils are a must to accompany your culinary journey in Greece.
Other renowned recipes include moussaka, dolmades, grilled meat while there are many prominent local products such as fresh fish. Street food, like souvlaki, can’t escape your epicurean bucket list.
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