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Explore the rich history of Psiri

Situated in Athens bustling center, Psiri is an area definitely worth your attention. Once the hub for the working-class and the underworld, the neighborhood has kept its old authentic charm in its narrow alleys, despite the tourist invasion and the astonishing array of restaurants, bars and cafes.
The area was populated by people who came from the Greek island of Naxos. But not all made it in finding jobs and became what we would call today respected citizens. Using Psiri as their springboard to roam the city for their illegal acts, mangas -as they called them back then- were finally thrown out of the area, having reigned the region for over fifty years. Then many shops that processed leather and small factories flourished, making Psiri the center of the working class again.
Now many of this shops are still open, providing services -of course to a smaller scale. If you stroll around these streets in the morning, you ‘ll encounter an entirely different scenery than night. The narrow alleys aren’t made for big cars -or cars in general- so going there by metro is the ideal solution. The area is quiet, with working-class people going up and down the streets. The cafes are open while the edifices are full of gratifies, blending the modern urban aesthetics with the neoclassical architecture.
At night, especially on weekends, the area is flocked with locals and tourists who swarm in their countless bars and clubs. You can opt for a place with hookah, while there are many traditional cafes serving tsipouro and ouzo accompanied by the Greek version of tapas, namely mezedes.
Psiri is a neighborhood full of surprises crowned by a unique setting. Indulge in its unique character and take in Athens temporary ambiance.
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