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A glimpse into Athens most tranquil corner

Old but not buried by the sands of time, the ever-magical Plaka neighborhood is a characteristic representative of Athens old charm, blending its neoclassical architecture beautifully with the amazing setting that gives prominence to the awe-inspiring Acropolis and the ancient surroundings. Before start roaming the amazing neighborhood, you should definitely turn your WiFi on, as there is no way not to get lost in its amazing maze-like lanes. As you explore the scenery, you will encounter impressive neoclassical edifices showcasing an impeccable charm. Lots of restaurants and cafes are housed inside some of them to repose and take in the unique ambiance. Enjoy local culinary delicacies with bougainvillea leaning over your shoulder. This melange of tranquil images and alluring scents, constitute a sweeping atmosphere.
Head to the Filomousos Eteria Square which was named after the nine goddesses of Arts. The square was built in 1813 to preserve Athens archaeological treasures and to promote Greek Studies. The square is surrounded by memento shops, clubs and cafes as well.
Constructed in the middle of the 19th century by builders that came from the Anafi island, Anafiotika is an island corner that occupies the foot of the Acropolis Rock. These fine constructors came to Athens to build the palace of King Othonas. Knowing that they will leave their homeland for quite a while, they reconstructed their village, just underneath Acropolis.
In Kydathinaeon Street lies the Children Museum. This haven for the children offers a deep insight into Athens past way of life. The renovated attic includes an astonishing array of old objects where children can indulge in endless hours of joy. They can even wear traditional costumes! Just ask for “grandfather's and grandmother's room"; this is where all the fun takes place.
While visiting Athens don’t miss out the chance to delve in the timeless charm of Plaka!
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