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A beautiful neighborhood, right at the center of Athens!

Standing tall under the Athenian sky, Philopappou Hill is situated just opposite the Acropolis Hill. Philopappou is adorned with lush greenery and the remains of the ancient walls of Athens. The hill owes its name to the Philopappos mausoleum while it used to host ancient Greeks’ prestigious assemblies. Renowned Athenians delivered their famous speeches there, such as Pericles and Demosthenes, among others. The paved street of Dionysiou Areopagitou leads to the main entrance of the hill. Koukaki, Petralona and Thiseio surround the hill, constituting a vast backyard for the residents. Besides its stupendous panoramic views to Athens, Philopappou Hill features paved pathways designed by the famous Greek architect Dimitrios Pikionis. If you want to catch that local feeling, you can opt for a picnic, especially on Sundays, when everyone enjoy their leisure strolls.
Thiseio is the most popular neighborhood from those that border on Philopappou Hill with many tourists and youngsters hanging around in its cafes and bars. A remarkable promenade begins opposite the Hadrian Gate and ends at the Thiseio Metro Station. Part of the paved street is dotted with cafes and restaurants constituting a hot destination in the heart of the city. But there is more than that; archaeological sites lie there, like the Temple of Hephaestus. In a short distance, the visitor can discover the mesmerizing edifice of the Observatory of Athens. It was built in the 19th century by Dane Theophilus Hansen, the architect that adorned the Greek capital with its neoclassical facade.
Culture has its own place in Thiseio. Herakleidon Museum has emerged over the years as an intriguing hub for popularized science. “Melina” cultural center is also a landmark building, dedicated to the famous Greek actress and politician Melina Mercouri. The center features exhibitions all year round and it is also operating as a small museum.
If Thiseio wasn’t already in your bucket list, then you should include it asap!
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