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Celebrate Easter in Athens for a Remarkable Holiday

In spring time, Athens is one of the most beautiful European cities for everyone to visit. Easter in Athens has a special character cherished by each and every single traveler visiting the Greek capital. You can arrange your holidays and make the most of your experience in Athens during Easter.

Locals usually spend Easter holidays in the countryside, offering you the opportunity to enjoy the city avoiding the crowds in the historic center of Athens. You can visit all the sights, which are open to welcome and introduce you to Ancient Greek History.

You can walk from the Acropolis museum to Dionysiou Areopagitou Pedestrian Street and find yourself outside the ancient agora and Plaka, where people enjoy the day while they wait for Easter Celebrations. In the bakeries you will find the fasting delicacies as well as Easter cookies made especially for Easter festivities.

Walking around the city in the morning you will listen to the church bells inviting the believers to the mass of Holy Week and participate with them. If you wish, on Great Friday in the evening, you may attend the mass and then follow the epitaph procession with the crowd of believers holding candles, walking through the illuminated neighborhoods where people stand outside their houses waiting for the epitaph and the Municipal Band to pass. Later on you can have a nice dinner in a restaurant or a tavern, where they offer seafood such as shrimps and shellfish for the fast.

The next day on Holy Saturday locals constantly prepare themselves to celebrate resurrection with traditional local food for dinner, according to their customs and traditions. It is the end of fasting and families gather around to make it even more special. Red eggs are always on the table symbolizing the blood of Christ. Mageiritsa is the main course with lamb and soup with greens, a traditional dish all over the country. The whole city doesn’t sleep since many people celebrate until early morning in every part of the Capital. That is why transportation is on until late hours to serve the public.

On Easter Sunday roasted lamb is the main course and still the celebration continue until late night for the whole family or friends!
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