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Carnival in Plaka: An Experience to Cherish

Just before Clean Monday that welcomes Easter fasting, everybody celebrates Carnival all over Athens. Carnival comes from the ancient times, where citizens held great celebrations in the honor of God Dionysus. Carnival has survived through centuries all over the country and its glory remains intact until today, lasting four weeks.

Customs and tradition have left their marks in each city. In carnival, people satirize and criticize events and personalities that affect everyday life. In Athens, guests are welcome to experience the mood of Carnival in Athens each day. In many places, they hold dancing parties or theme balls to make it even more interesting and pleasant.

Plaka, the prominent historic center of Athens, is dressed with its most festive mood. The city is adorned with carnival decorations all over. Every day parties are organized in different places in Plaka at the same time, while their doors are open to welcome the masquerades. Taverns and restaurants with live music are filled with people and later on everybody becomes one, laughing together or teasing each other. Carnival brings people closer and offers the carefree feeling you need most in your vacations.

You can meet groups of people in costumes walking around the old city, trying to lure the public in the happy mood of carnival. People organize gatherings and parties following the tradition, wearing costumes and masks and celebrating until late hours.

During the day, many areas all around Plaka hold events in which families participate in creative carnival activities with their children with the guidance of experts. Carnival is a celebration of great importance in Athens. That is why it is hosted in museums where you can attend folklore seminars and gather information about the way people express local everyday habits through Carnival.

In public areas, as well as the metro stations, there are many exhibitions with local products and traditional objects available to you. If you wish to participate or attend many activities while you are in Athens, there is always an itinerary available with all areas that host joyful events!
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