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Acropolis museum

The original plan and construction of Acropolis Museum was made in 1865, in order to maintain the findings that came to light after excavations made in the foothill of Acropolis. The final architectural plan was made in 2003 and the construction was completed in 2009. This was the year when the gates opened for the public. Both parts of the museum, meaning the old building and the new one, have been perfectly connected.

The main idea was to design a perfect construction based on natural light, architecture and movement. With the term of movement, architects made sure that the flow of visitors will give them a precious airy feeling around the area.

Acropolis Museum is located in the old historic center on Dionysiou Areopagitou Pedestrian Street, within walking distance from Acropolis hill and the open theater Herodion. It is one of the most popular areas of Athens, since thousands of guests from all over the world visit the area during the year. The new museum of Acropolis has four floors and one has been dedicated to antiquity. There is a restaurant where you can rest enjoying Acropolis view and a book store with history books for all ages.

In the yard of Acropolis museum many events take place like concerts, which are free for the public. Many artefacts have been found during the construction of the subway and all these are on display in the museum of Acropolis. Acropolis Museum was acknowledged by the British as one of the best museums in the world conquering the third place in 2013.

The Acropolis museum boasts all the scientific equipment that is needed to preserve and restore the archaeological findings, which makes it an idyllic place for all the excavations to be displayed for the world to see. You ought to visit this modern museum at least once in your life, for a glimpse at the magnitude of Ancient Athens and Greece!
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