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The Athens Concert Hall Invites You to a Unique Cultural Experience

The Athens Concert Hall, called Megaron Mousikis, is located in the heart of Athens on Vassilisis Sofias Street. The main idea of its construction came from Alexandra Trianti in 1953 and it was completed in 1991.The first financial contribution for the construction of the building was made by Dimitris Mitropoulos from the profits of the concerts he gave with New York Philharmonic, conducted in Athens.

Megaron Mousikis can host up to 6,000 people. It has 18 halls, one of which can welcome 2,000 people. An ample parking area is available in this majestic construction. State of the art equipment in the construction and the acoustics can be considered as one of the top worldwide. The Athens Concert Hall can be visited by all people without any exception, because it can offer facilities meeting the needs of any guest.

Over the passing of the years many artists from Opera and Dance Theaters have performed in its premises. Megaron Mousikis has evolved into a training roof of young students by handing out scholarships and access to the valuable Great Music Library named after Lilian Voudouri.

Exhibitions very often take place as well as educational programs for little children in art. Megaron Mousikis is a cradle of culture and showcases new talents by giving the opportunities they need to express their talents. The National Opera House has always got in its itinerary concerts given in the Garden of the house on special days of the week. There is a discount for students and children.

It is a true diamond shining bright to whoever wants to expand his horizons in art, music or even participate in any other cultural event. It is really remarkable that a primary idea by people with passion for music and arts has exceeded every expectation. This dream became reality by people who never gave up on their dreams and shared with devotion their knowledge from generation to generation.
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