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The Emblematic Nature of Athens Marathon

The first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896 in Athens, the birth place of the Olympic Idea, in Kallimarmaro Stadium. The capacity of the stadium until then was about 50,000 people. The idea to revive the Olympic Games in Athens in 1896 was conceived by French Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin. The idea to add Marathon as an Olympic Game came from philhellene French linguist Michel Bréal.

As a result, Marathon became an integral part of Olympic sports in modern times. Runners follow the classic route from Marathon to Athens which is 42km as the ancient messenger did, named Pheidippides, to announce the victory of Greeks against Persians to the Greek Parliament. It has been confirmed by experts that the route of Marathon is the same that Pheidippides followed.

In the first Marathon, the winner was the Greek Spyros Louis, an amateur athlete who covered the classic distance in 2 hours and 58 minutes. Until now in modern times athletes are not necessary professionals, but people who love sports and especially classic Marathon.

It needs all the preparation and discipline that an athlete should have. Training is hard and the most important is the right strategy and the rhythm of the body that the athlete will choose to follow. The outfit must be very comfortable, since many runners have had injuries in the past on their thighs. Everything must be perfectly organized in total control.

The first Marathon revived the ancient glory and the purpose succeeds, since it is still an inspiration for many people to break the boundaries of the spirit and body strength and move on to a higher spiritual level.

The Olympic Idea and its importance have given the light and awakening in all civilizations to remember that noble principles are what humanity needs to progress and pass it to next generations all over the world.

For many years the beginning of Olympic Games has meant ceasefire. Until now the main goal is the unity of people and equality among them, as an effort to maintain fair play by all means.
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