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Celebrating Christmas in Athens

Christmas is a special celebration worldwide. Even countries with different cultural backgrounds participate in this great feast. If you wish to celebrate Christmas away from home for unique experiences, Athens is the best place to visit. It is really the right time to see the capital wearing its festive clothes and crowds of people walking in commercial streets, buying presents or meeting friends, Athens is waiting!

Athens in Christmas time is so much more. Different events take place in all areas of the city; live concerts in open areas like gardens of museums give you a Christmassy feeling. The Metropolis of Culture Athens offers the opportunity to clubs to show their charity work and encourage you to buy from them. Many are made by persons who want to express their creativity or by artists who hand out the grand receipts to charitable purposes. You can find them in the metro hall and many other spots while you explore Athens.
If you are great fan of classic music, The National Opera Hall gives you the chance to attend seminars or a variety of performances by famous artists. Theater is waiting for the public to visit. Many of them provide performances in other languages. Athens, the city of hospitality, is the place you will feel like home.

Under the shade of Acropolis in Plaka, the old city of Athens, alleys are all crowded with people. Those romantic streets are filled with those looking for places to spend their night out such as restaurants and bars and theaters of any taste. In this vibrant city, everything is possible.

Weather in Athens is mild. Temperature even during winter allows you to walk around the city, since the distance between areas in the center is close. Even if you are not a great fan of walking, you can always use the public transportation, which is available until late hours. Athens has one of the best organized transportation systems connecting all areas.
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