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Greek Breakfast and a Marvelous Way to Wake Up in the Morning

If you are tired of boring food selections for breakfast, you will be pleased to know that Greek Breakfast is opening a whole new world of possibilities each morning. Rather than settling for a blunt toast of bread with butter and a cup of coffee, you start your day in the most delicious way! A wide selection of high quality ingredients is combined perfectly, in order to offer you tasty choices for a hearty breakfast. Introducing you to Greek Breakfast, for bringing you the morning sunshine in! 

There are innumerable breakfast options for you to try out, always with the high quality standards of local produce. You may start your day with a bowl of yoghurt, honey and walnuts. This is a delicious treat, offering all the nutrients that your body requires and lacking nothing in taste! Then, you may have a piece of fresh pie, made of the finest varieties of cheese or vegetables. Local pastries and desserts, seasonal fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and many other delicacies are waiting for you to enjoy. Accompany whatever your heart desires with freshly brewed coffee, tea and herbs, fruit juices and smoothies. You will get the energy you need and feel utterly satisfied, having selected healthy eating in the most delectable breakfast menu. 

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day and you should not deprive yourself of the opportunity to taste healthy foods, prepared wonderfully to meet your needs. Sweet or savory, all the menu options you find at Royal Olympic Hotel will leave you with a wide smile upon your face. Wake up, smell the coffee and all the other aromas overwhelming you and enjoy! Another magnificent day in Athens is ahead and you have to prepare yourself, eating properly and boosting your mood!
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