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A Daily Tour to Delphi, the Center of the Ancient World

On Mount Parnassus we find Delphi, the center of the ancient world. For a glimpse in the glorious past of Greece, a daily tour from Athens to Delphi will fascinate you. It has been characterized a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which depicts its great historic significance in the most spectacular manner. So, if you want to explore the area where the Oracle of Delphi thrived in the past, this is an excursion that you should not miss out on. Schedule a trip to Delphi and you will feel the aura of the legends surrounding you. 

The whole trip from Athens to Delphi is amazing, with the natural wonders of Greece unfolded before your eyes. Sunlight and bright blue skies will make your day out in the country even more pleasurable, while the intoxicating aromas from the blossomed flowers make you feel wonderful. The Temple of Apollo in Delphi, along with the other sites, is well preserved and offers a great view of Greece’s culture. After that, you may visit the Archaeological Museum of Delphi and have a look at the extensive collections of the excavations in the area. 

Pythia, the priestess of the Oracle in Delphi, used to offer divine consultation to all the travelers. Such consultation was never straightforward, rather than masked under a veil of ambiguity. So, in the end, people decided to act according to their own subconscious will, based on their personal interpretation of the words coming from Pythia. Wander through the exact places where travelers rested and see where the Oracle once stood. This is a truly magnificent trip, a once-in-a-lifetime experience to treasure forever. Delphi is waiting!
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