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August Full Moon as the Highlight of Your Holidays in Athens

Full moon is always a wonderful time when the moonlight shines upon the old buildings and is mirrored on the sea, adding a touch of magic to your every moment. In Athens, August full moon is celebrated more than any other event during summer and therefore it is something that you should not miss out on. Especially if you are planning to visit Athens and Greece for your summer holidays, you had better gather information as to what you are about to see. If you are lucky, you will find yourself wandering through the cobbled pathways of Plaka area with an iced cold beverage in your one hand (as it is definitely hot!) and with the camera in the other hand – trying to capture these magical moments with the moon just behind Acropolis!
All over Athens, there are concerts and events scheduled for this particular evening. The world’s most famous sights and attractions remain open till late at night, with the visitors crowding them in their anticipation of experiencing the wonder that only the full moon can offer to a distinctive place like Athens. Even the sights that are out of reach get lit and they stand tall, imposing before the eyes of all the travelers who have come to admire them. Along with the overwhelming settings, you can also enjoy great music (either folk music with popular Greek artists or classical music under the stars), amazing cuisine and of course the hospitality of the Greek locals.
It is worth visiting Athens for many reasons, one of which is indisputably to witness the events that take place on the day of the August full moon that seems to be a sacred union of Nature and History at their best! 
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